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Declaration on Same Sex Marriage for the U.S.

2012 Promises to be the Year of Declaration on Same Sex Marriage for the United States.

President Obama came out in favor of Same Sex Marriage. He seems to have liked the idea for some time now, but has only recently gone through an “evolution” in his position. The question remains: is the country ready to “evolve” as well? Gay Marriage has constitutional bans in 30 states that define marriage to be only between a man and a woman. But according to recent polls, a majority of Americans now favor legalizing it by a slight margin.

Gay Marriage is already a campaign issue for the presidential election this year; most Democrats favor it and most Republicans are against it. Bantering is on the upswing and it isn’t always respectful. You’ll get a chance to see that first-hand in CHASING RAINBOWS – The Film That Says It All.

The larger question still remains on Constitutional Issues: is Gay Marriage, and in fact all marriage, a matter strictly for the states to decide, or can the federal government intervene one way or another? Several federal judges have deemed the federal DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) law to be unconstitutional.

The Obama White House has long opposed DOMA, and has ordered the U.S. Justice Department not to enforce it. We’ve seen “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” overturned and Gay Marriage pass in several states. Proposition 8 has essentially been rendered null and void in California. And so the nation waits.

This topic has come to the forefront for the first time in U.S. history because it needs to be addressed. Addressing issues like Gay Marriage, Civil Unions, and Same Sex Education in Schools requires a certain degree of willingness to engage in rational, cogent discussion. That’s what CHASING RAINBOWS is all about.

You can expect CHASING RAINBOWS to be in theaters very soon, engaging the world in this important discussion—it’s a dialogue that’s long overdue.