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Conflict everywhere

Everywhere you look these days there’s someone somewhere in the world upset, taking to the streets and carrying a sign in protest. From the teacher’s strikes, to the labor unions, to the Mid East revolutions underway we have indeed entered into a season of tremendous turmoil with promised change.

This past Wednesday, The Chasing Rainbows Team just returned to Honolulu from Los Angeles where we held significant meetings with with our agent, publicist and creative marketing team. This past Wednesday was also historic on the political front as well: Civil Unions became Law in Hawaii.

And on Wednesday, President Obama ordered the U.S. Justice Department to no longer enforce the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) thereby effectively granting marriage privileges and benefits unilaterally to any same sex couple in a relationship recognized by any entity in America (State, County, City)… it gives Gay federal employee couples the same rights as any heterosexual married couple—an astounding development that is now sending shock waves throughout our society—and this is just on the Civil Unions/Gay Marriage issue. There is an even more explosive level to these developments this week.

The divisive issue of Civil Unions and Gay Marriage has now been elevated by the actions of the Obama Administration from a civil rights issue to a Constitutional crisis. We are just now beginning to witness the media starting to focus on the magnitude of this latest development. While it is early to judge, some Constitutional legal scholars are underscoring that the Obama Administration, by its latest actions, has violated the U.S. Constitution in orchestrating what is supposed to be a judicial decision by the Supreme Court from the Oval Office… it’s already created a media frenzy that will become a huge 2012 campaign issue… The Republicans are outraged… it is all over CNN and Fox… And it is getting just about as much air time as the current Mid East Liberation Crisis…

In the next few months, expect to see the following: Civil Unions and Same Sex Marriage hitting another 3 to 5 state legislatures, it will quickly become law in many more states… but not without huge conflict…

Challenges in the Court over DOMA – if DOMA is ultimately repealed, it means that Same Sex Marriage could instantly be recognized in every state since the Federal Government would unilaterally recognize it: More Conflict.

Our Military Officers and High Command are starting to question and reject the repeal of DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell): Here’s More Conflict…
The Prop 8 Decision in California being argued in the Supreme Court (will likely be overturned): Again, More Conflict…

Churches are split, families are split and the workplace remains divided as well.
Chasing Rainbows is moving forward to bring reconciliation between the proponents and opponents of same sex unions.

The issue will assuredly be one of the prime issues in all upcoming elections at every level – state and federal. It will likely split the country… And as people flock to see Chasing Rainbows they hopefully can gain a better understanding over these issues…Stay tuned to our website at for updates.

Chasing Rainbows is the blueprint for reconciliation on this heart-wrenching issue of Civil Unions and Same Sex Marriage. We knew that already. In addition, while in Los Angeles, we were shown why and how Chasing Rainbows also provides the blueprint to unravel many of the terrible conflicts that can be seen throughout today’s world.

What’s needed on all sides is a clearer understanding and acceptance of each other’s differing viewpoints. Changing laws does not immediately change people’s worldviews. We believe that Chasing Rainbows – the film can foster understanding through education, and ultimately, acceptance.

Wishing You Peace in this New Season!