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If you have been watching TV recently you can’t help but notice the mounting struggle and strife all over the planet. The Middle East is more of powder keg than ever before. People everywhere are crying out for liberation, for freedom, for human rights.

Much of that activity is no longer just off in some foreign land. It’s reached our shores – right here at home in America. It’s come to our own neighborhoods. In fact, it’s right at your doorstep. Whether it’s the folks battling over education, union rights, wages or healthcare it’s happening right here and right now.

But there’s another home front battle that’s been raging, sometimes quietly and often even quite loudly, and that’s the battle over same sex unions and Gay Marriage. We are about to see that battle suddenly and viciously unleashed like never before. Why? The ideological battle lines are now being drawn because the Obama Administration has reversed course and decided not to enforce the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) any longer. DOMA denies federal benefits to Gay Couples and keeps the Feds out of the Gay Marriage issue.

Since the U.S. Justice Department is now refusing to enforce the DOMA (a Federal law), John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, on behalf of the U.S. Congress, hired a prestigious Atlanta law firm to defend and enforce the DOMA law (the effect of which would be to make sure the U.S. Government denies Gay Couples certain benefits and privileges).

This is absolutely unprecedented and perhaps even absurd. Why is one branch of the government (The Congress) hiring a law firm to do the job that another branch of the government (The Justice Department) is supposed to carry out? The law firm that took on this unprecedented and questionable assignment just bowed out. Did they bow out due to moral imperatives? Pressure from Gay Rights activists? It is not clear at the moment. What is clear is that large law firms do not typically withdraw from sensitive or high-profile cases. Interestingly, even Attorney General Eric Holder’s former law firm had no qualms about handling and defending the most unscrupulous of clientele including Al Qaeda Terrorists. But defending federal law, the DOMA, was just too much for the 126-year-old King and Spalding firm of Atlanta. Perhaps it’s that they recognize the seriousness and the sensitivity of this issue above and beyond all other societal or legal issues.

So now Republican lobbyists are circulating national petitions to support the efforts of the Speaker of the House. Wait just a minute, what is going on here? The Republicans are arguing that the White House overstepped its Constitutional boundaries in ordering the Justice Department to not enforce a law on the books. It’s an American Classic Comedy of Errors.

Now, for the first time ever – party politics have fully engaged in the division over same sex unions and Gay Marriage. This issue has actually disrupted the sacred and sacrosanct balance of our three unique branches of government. You can definitely expect this and all of the Constitutional ramifications and legal precedents it presents to become the main focus of the upcoming national elections.

Interestingly enough, as fate would have it, Chasing Rainbows the film has more value to our nation than ever before.

All of this confusion over all sides of the issues needs to be addressed and understood. Chasing Rainbows presents just the right platform to foster intelligent and respectful discussion over these issues.

It’s We The People of These United States that need to seize the moment and openly address these issues and all the people involved rationally, fairly and with respect. It seems that we cannot rely upon our duly elected officials (who are, after all, just crafty politicians) to serve us in that capacity.

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Wishing You Peace!