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Why New York is the tipping point for gay marriage in America

The recent passing of a Gay Marriage Law in New York is a unique marker stone in modern American history. What was once an avoidable issue has now become unavoidable.

New York became the seventh state to enact a Gay Marriage Law and the sixteenth state to enact some sort of Same Sex Union Law. What happened in New York was monumentally different, because the constitutional rights of religious freedom were upheld by protecting the rights of clergy and religious institutions by granting them the right to opt out in performing a Gay Marriage ceremony. The new law also guarantees that if the clergy or any institution does opt out of performing such a ceremony, that they cannot be held party to any legal action.

In plain simple English, this new Gay Marriage Law in New York is unique in our nation in that it clearly separates the roles of church and state.

The church and state issue is one of the key themes that are addressed in the new critically acclaimed film “Chasing Rainbows” that profiles the entire same sex issue. “Chasing Rainbows” is the only film that presents a solid unbiased, informational, educational, entertaining and in-depth look at Same Sex Unions, the people involved and the many issues surrounding it.

The New York law is now the tipping point for the Gay Marriage issue and legislation across our Nation. The driving cause for the heated debate over Gay Marriage in the U.S. has been the Conservative Church’s argument over morality. However, most Americans seem less concerned with that brand of morality and more concerned with what the vast majority of Americans seem to believe is another civil rights issue. This moral divide typically dictated following political party lines with the Republicans lining up behind the Evangelical Church. Whereas, the majority of the Democrats, Christian or not, see this issue as a human rights or equality-based issue.

New York raised the bar of awareness over the Gay Marriage issue to everyone in America. The Gay Rights/Marriage issue will now play a critical role in deciding the upcoming Presidential Election.

New York redefines the whole Gay Rights/ Marriage picture. Suddenly, the rules of the game have changed. Now the political players will choose to follow their own hearts and ignore or break away from their old herd political and religious mentalities. The New York method of separation between church and state will open up the floodgates for Gay Marriage across America. But with this flood will come many unanswered and unavoidable questions.

For those millions of people that will now be searching for answers and needing to engage in what will rapidly become the unavoidable national debate and discussion over Gay Marriage and Gay Rights, “Chasing Rainbows” is the best source of raw and real information.

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